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Project description

Mangroves are powerful carbon sinks. They can store carbon dioxide in their roots, branches, and sediments. They store up to ten times more carbon than other forests. Along the Colombian Pacific coast, existing mangrove ecosystems have become increasingly under pressure due to the expansion of agriculture, timber industry, urbanization, and the impact of climate change. This IKI Small Grants project strengthens four community councils in Timbiquí, Santa Barbara de Iscuandé, and La Tola to successfully implement their community-based environmental management strategies that contribute to the conservation of mangroves and the diversification of rural livelihoods. With 2,000 hectares of protected mangroves, the project contributes to the preservation of natural carbon sinks.

Project Data

Countries: Colombia
IKI Funding: 209.964
Duration: 05/2023 to 10/2024
Status: Implementation
Implementing organisation: Fundación A-kasa (

State of implementation/results:

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