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Project description:

The Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) is a global umbrella partnership comprising of
more than 400 consumer goods and retail companies to reduce deforestation in their supply chains for palm oil, beef, soy, paper and pulp. The project is integrated in the TFA in the partner countries. In Colombia, it strengthens the TFA Colombian Alliance and supports the communications to showcase positive stories on forests and national efforts of implementing sectoral agreements. In Peru, TFA supports the development of a national public-private partnership to end commodity-driven deforestation and engages key Peruvian stakeholders on deforestation at national and international events. In China, TFA engages private sector, government and civil society actors to build a common agenda on addressing deforestation and biodiversity loss. TFA leverages the World Economic Forum’s platforms and events as well as strategic communications to elevate the deforestation-free agenda in China and elsewhere.

Project data:

Countries: China, Colombia, Peru
IKI funding: 2,975,550.00 €
Duration: 08/2019 till 06/2024
Status: open
Implementing organisation: World Economic Forum
Political Partner: Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MINAGRI) – Peru; Ministry of
Agriculture and Rural Development – Colombia; Ministry of Ecology and Environment – China; Ministry of Environment (MINAM) – Peru

State of implementation/results:

TFA partnered with the COP26 Presidency to help develop the Dialogue on Forests, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT dialogue). The FACT dialogue allowed addressing deforestation free-action at a multi-lateral level despite challenges posed by the pandemic, and became the central component of the Glasgow leaders’ declaration on Forest and Land Use presented at COP26.

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