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Project description:

Transport accounts for 27 per cent of energy-related CO2 emissions. Especially
in emerging economies and developing countries, these emissions are rapidly growing. To increase their efforts in fostering climate-friendly transport, TRANSfer supports these countries in facilitating the development of implementable mitigation measures, which also contribute to their respective NDCs. The project serves as “Mitigation Action Preparation Facility” and follows a multi-donor approach to expand its support to even more countries.
The project’s focus is on the development of a set of effective measures in five countries and an acquisition of matching funds. The project also supports selected measures in their early phase of implementation. Toolkits help to constantly improve and accelerate the project activities. International learning processes will foster an increase of the ambition level. As a result, the project activities potentially have a mitigation impact of at least 60 Million tonnes CO2 over ten years.

Project data:

Countries: Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, Thailand
IKI funding: 11,000,000.00 €
Duration: 01/2017 till 12/2022
Status: open
Implementing organisation: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Political Partner: Department of Transportation (DOTr) – Phillippines; Ministry of Transport – Colombia; Ministry of Transport and Communication (MTC) – Peru; Ministry of Transport Thailand; Ministry of Transportation – Indonesia

State of implementation:
  • Support of the Initiative “MobiliseYourCity”.
  •  Cooperation with partner countries on mitigation actions in the transport sector – Annual event “Transport and Climate Change Week”in Berlin with participants from 30 countries (
  • Holding the first MobiliseYourCity Global Forum during Transport and Climate
    Change Week 2021.
  • Homepage of the project “Changing Transport” ( incl. social media (…,…,…) and Changing Transport Newsletter (…).
  •  2nd Edition of the Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report in
    cooperation with SLoCaT (…).
  • Deutsche Welle video contribution on the city toll in Bangkok, which was supported by TRANSfer country support for Thailand (…).
  • Indonesia: Support for the shift of freight transport from road to rail and modernisation of trucks.
  • Philippines: Development of the Philippine Urban Mobility Program – Concept for a national urban transport program in the Philippines (…).
  • Support for the development of a toolbox for the standardisation of traffic data collection within national transport authorities.
  • Peru: Support for the development of a truck-scrapping program and a truck eco-driving program.
  • Colombia: Support for the development of a national funding program for electric buses.
  • Thailand: Development of a national urban transport program for Thailand with a focus on bus fleet renewal, introduction of a city toll and a public transport fund (…).
  • TRANSfer Climate Action Toolkits have been available on since November 2020.
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