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Project description:

In 2012, the Colombian Government took a vital step towards developing a
low-carbon economy by adopting a low-emission strategy. The current phase involves implementation in the individual sectors and regions. The project is supporting this phase by rolling out model approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in certain regions within the building, agriculture, energy and household sectors. The project simultaneously supports the development of policies aimed at improving the steering and communication of the transition to a low-carbon economy at the local government level. Support is also provided to build capacities in the public and private sector. Overall, the project aims to help Colombia turn around its current high-emission trend and prepare the country for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Project data:

Countries: Colombia
IKI funding: 3,999,766.00 €
Duration: 08/2018 till 12/2022
Status: open
Implementing organization: Fund for Environmental Action and Childhood – Colombia
Political Partner: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) – Colombia
Implementing Partner: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) –

State of implementation/results:
  • In partnership with the National Readiness Programme for Colombia Adaptation to Climate Change, the project developed the "Tour for a possible climate". For three weeks, nearly ten thousand people became familiar with the effects and opportunities of climate change. All the talks, tools, and materials that were part of this virtual meeting are available at:
  • The project has created and developed three diploma courses in partnership with the University of Ibagué, EAN University and El Norte University. More than 1,500 professionals and local officials have received training based on differentiated content to promote actions that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The project supported the process of updating the Colombian National Determined Contribution (NDC), related to understand-ing how to address the right pathway to include territorial miti-gation actions into mitigation analysis for the Colombian NDC update by 2020.
  • The project built a portfolio of 20 mitigation projects with a regional focus. They are ready to seek funding and be implemented. The portfolio will soon be available at:
  • Five projects designed to demonstrate the viability of low greenhouse gas emissions development are supported in implementation (…).
  • In addition, the project developed five technical policy tools with local authorities’ participation to help implement national policy at the local level.


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  • The project has developed ten podcasts related to the link between climate change, sustainable development, and human quality life. They are hosted in Spotify under the name “La Rebaja” (…).
  • As part of a communication strategy, on Instagram five interactive campaigns were developed with well-known influencers on topics such as travel, carbon footprint, recycling, sustainable cooking and music. The goal was to make citizens aware of the opportunities and risks of climate change (…).
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