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Project description:

Countries around the world strive to exploit the transformative potential of
their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The NDC Action project offers to address existing obstacles by helping its ten partner countries to translate their NDCs into strategies and measures ready for financing and implementation. The project fosters accelerated climate-friendly investment in two sectors that each partner country prioritises for receiving project support. The project strengthens NDC implementation buy-in, capacity and governance by engaging key stakeholders, providing training and facilitating multi- stakeholder consultations. It supports the development of climate-friendly policies and programmes, green investment plans and draft proposals for climate funds, and provides science-based, policy-relevant information through the Emission Gap Reports. Partner countries will increasingly get access to practical knowledge products and share lessons learned.

Project data:

Countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Jordan, Mongolia, Morocco, Uganda, Viet Nam
IKI funding: 15,547,739.00 €
Duration: 04/2019 till 03/2023
Status: open
Implementing organisation : United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)
Political Partner: Environmental Protection Agency – Ghana; Ministry of Energy and
Sustainable Development – Morocco; Ministry of Environment , Green Development and Tourism – Mongolia*; Ministry of Environment – Jordan; Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) – Costa Rica; Ministry of Environment and Forests – Bangladesh; Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) – Colombia; Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development – Argentina; Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning – Ghana; Ministry of Food and Agriculture – Ghana; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) – Viet Nam; Ministry of Planning and Investment – Viet Nam; Ministry of Water and Environment – Uganda
Implementing Partner: UNEP DTU Partnership

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